Delivering the Perfect Trip in 2024: Research Paper

Nezasa’s new research paper is almost here, and we could not miss this opportunity to tell you all about it. 

We sat down with the team developing our latest insightful whitepaper to understand exactly what it’s about and the topics covered. 

The perfect trip in 2024 is an ever-changing concept. Our goal is to prepare travel providers for what that means. 

Artificial Intelligence  

It is undeniable that AI, particularly generative AI, will change the planning and booking experience forever. 

But there’s more to it than just incorporating it and expecting the end-user to take advantage of it. All across the travel industry, a handful of companies are creating truly original and fresh new approaches at a never-seen-before pace. 

What does that mean for travel brands and providers? How can smaller companies keep up with fast demand and remain true to their business focus? 

The role of tech providers in dictating consumer behaviour has never been so relevant. These providers are coming up with better and faster solutions to serve travel companies that do not have the capacity to create their own technology. Tech experts need to ensure their customers are not left outside of this scope and can still be competitive in a fast-paced environment. 

How can they do this? We’ll explore the best practices and some of the key data that is driving AI in travel businesses forward. 

Travel Trends for 2024

But there’s more to delivering the perfect trip besides the AI revolution. Travel trends and consumer behaviour around Sustainability, Remote Work and Quality are still set to define a huge portion of travellers’ choices. 

We’ve explored in multiple articles how the pandemic changed forever what it means to travel. But perhaps the market did not expect those trends to be so relevant today. 

Now, we’re compiling all that data into one centralised research, hoping to provide a broader scope and better insights for travel providers and professionals dealing directly with the end consumer. 

“When we started compiling data around these topics, it was impressive to see that the demand for sustainable options, new ways of working and the so-called bucket-list trips is not slowing down. It is now part of the travelling culture, and new generations will demand it even more”. – Anne Faulmann, Nezasa’s VP of Marketing. 

Digitalisation of travel market 

We could not leave one of the pressing topics we usually cover unattended. The digitalisation of the travel market is set to continue, and processes need to become faster and more personalised. 

Our research paper will give you an overview of the status quo, what still needs to be accomplished and the main challenges travel brands face with digitalisation. 

“We do not wish to be mere advocates for our solutions, particularly TripBuilder. There’s a growing need in the market for companies to adopt better digital practices and turn the travel booking experience into enjoyable. The only way for the whole industry to capture new generations of travellers is to continuously bet on new formats of digital booking. And turn those processes into simple actions for travel providers.” – Anne Faulmann

Action plan for travel providers 

What can travel providers do with this information? This is exactly the goal of our research paper: to help them make better decisions for their businesses. 

We devised a simple and insightful action plan for travel providers, particularly decision-makers, to keep up with the industry demand with no need to expand offers to other markets. 

Faster processes, automation, freer human resources, new sources of revenue and simple marketing strategies can make all of the difference. Explore with us what that looks like. 

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