Enabling a Better Traveller Experience

At Nezasa we envision a world of Travel. Without Friction. Changing how people experience travelling, placing travel providers at the forefront of this transformation is at the core of our solution. In this first part of a small blog series I will explain more about what Nezasa stands for and what we want to achieve. 

From the beginning, even in our early days as a B2C startup, our main focus was on improving the end-to-end process for planning, booking and managing personalised trips. In the terminology that we use today, it was about providing a better end-to-end traveller experience. 

The traveller experience starts when someone thinks about doing the next trip (discovery) and includes the planning and booking of the trip as well as the entire experience  until they are back home and reliving their journey. This whole process needs to be as seamless, enjoyable and personalised as possible. 

At some point along our journey, we realised two things: 

  1. There are a lot of ingredients needed to deliver this perfect experience 
  2. Nobody can do everything and build all the needed pieces in the best possible way 

The second point is a crucial one in our experience and something that has shaped our course and development over the years. At various points in the journey, we had to figure out what to do and what not to do. We should focus on what we can do best and let others do what they are better at. 

Eventually, we found our perfect niche: We want to be the ones that enable travel brands to deliver the perfect traveller experience. We do so by providing a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes that allows for a seamless itinerary management throughout the lifecycle. 

We do not focus on delivering the most inspirational websites and apps, and we are not experts at building CRMs or accounting systems. What we want to be the best at is managing itineraries throughout the lifecycle and capturing as much of the vast complexity involved as possible in our platform. Our job is to simplify the job of those who build the actual traveller experience on top of our platform as much as possible. Similar to how Shopify makes it easy to build great ecommerce sites. 

That’s our mission, and in the next couple of blog posts I’ll dive a bit deeper on what this means and how we are doing it.

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Manuel Hilty