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Exploring the benefits of Slow Travel

After a slow but steady recovery in the travel industry, tourists are once again eager to explore and discover new destinations. However, not all of them are looking to experience sightseeing and touring at the same pace that they used to.

Do you feel that way too?

At the same time, not every destination is offering the type of leisure that travellers might be looking for. For this reason, in this new article, we are sharing some of the benefits of Slow Travel and what they mean for tourists and locals alike.

What is Slow Travel?

According to Slow Movement, Slow Travel is the opportunity to become part of (the) local life and to connect to a place and its people, therefore enjoying the advantages of travelling at one’s own speed and not having to worry about missing out on a ‘hot spot’ while travelling.

Moreover, we know that travel, and especially slow travel, has a direct impact on our physical, mental and emotional health, by lowering stress levels and reconnecting with ourselves and with others. Additionally, engaging with nature and choosing to travel in a sustainable manner can positively influence general well-being, recognizing the fact that it helps local economies and lowers the carbon footprint.

But, besides positively impacting our health and improving the economies of the places that we visit, what are some of the benefits of travelling slow?

Benefits of Slow Travel

Taking your time to appreciate your new surroundings

Whether you are travelling alone or in a small group, travellers who have more time to spare, it is likely they are looking forward to spending more time in one destination in order to appreciate what it has to offer and, at the same time, helping to boost the local economy. From experiencing local cuisine and partaking in cultural events, to discovering unvisited spots, slow travelling is becoming the next big travel trend, and here, at Nezasa, we have the right software for your travel business, to plan and book these activities for your valuable customers.

bike benefits of slow travel

Moreover, slow travel allows travellers to work remotely, as suggested in our previous blog post, the rise of the workation, while still enjoying the slower pace of the new ‘work’ environment and the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the destination’s leisure options.

Some examples are:

  • Booking a slow tour: Hire a tour guide and discover the new destination at your own pace without the need to join a scheduled or a crowded group tour.
  • Discovering the Slow food movement. An organization that promotes local food and the traditional way of cooking.
  • Learning a new language or at least a few words to get around and feel more integrated in the local community.
  • Interacting with locals, to better understand their culture and traditions while also benefiting from cross-cultural exchanges.
  • Taking a cooking or a dancing lesson.
  • Reading a book. Did you know that there are several books dedicated to slow travel?
    • Slow Travel: A Movement, from 2019.
    • Slow Travel: Escape the Grind and Explore the World, from 2019.
    • Unforgettable Journeys: Slow Down and See the World, from 2020.
  • Alternatively, doing nothing and just chill. 😉

woman and slow travel

Choosing the right Transport and Accommodation

Slow travel also encourages travellers to use alternative means of transport which can be booked via our TripBuilder platform. Train rides, Self drives or even bike tours allow your customers to ride and explore much less crowded paths, while giving them the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and make spontaneous or predefined stops along the way.

Furthermore, finding the right accommodation is an important decision when it comes to slow travel, as it provides a totally different lodging experience and the opportunity to stay in an entirely unexpected location. Invite your customers to experience staying in a castle, a cottage, a rural home, or even a farm! A great example can be found in Switzerland, where staying at a farm includes sleeping on a ‘bed’ of straw and enjoying a breakfast made with regional products.

But this is not the only option available. invites travellers to discover the top 10 farm holidays around the world, which include horseback riding lessons, a meal prepared with home-produced honey and olive oil, or being welcomed with a plate of homemade muffins – some of which can also be booked via our TripBuilder platform!

swiss farmhouse for slow travel

Best Slow Travel Destinations

Below are some of the recommended Slow Travel destinations in Europe, according to

1. Albania: explore its many castles and archaeological sites or get lost in its beautiful coastal beaches.
2. Georgia: home to Caucasus mountain villages and Black Sea beaches.
3. Italy: take a hike on the Cinque Terre trail, tour the Tuscan hill towns by bicycle or attend a local festival.
4. Malta: discover its numerous fortresses, megalithic temples and don’t miss the amazing coves and beaches around the archipelago.
5. Portugal: taste its wonderful seafood and drive down to its beautiful Algarve beaches.
6. Northern Ireland: follow the Causeway Coastal route and discover the epic beaches, cliffs and castles.
7. Poland: don’t miss its stunning architecture, fabulous cuisine, and remarkable history.
8. Estonia: experience one of the least crowded countries in Europe, dotted with castles, churches and hilltop fortresses.

There is no better way to see the world than to move through it, taking your time.”

At Nezasa, not only do we offer a unique digital platform to book exceptional travel trips; we also provide an extensive selection of inspiring tours and activities that can be included in the travel package to guarantee the best travel experience for your customers before, during and after their departure.

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