Flight Route Itineraries
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Flight Route Itineraries Optimisation

Planning, searching for and booking flights are some of the most important tasks when creating an itinerary. And that’s when flight route optimisation comes in.

It is important for travel agents to optimise their flight searches in order to save both time and money and meet their customers’ needs.

Read on to find out our solution for flight itinerary optimisation.

Flight route itineraries 

A flight route itinerary or route plan encompasses a travellers’ entire journey. 

Different types of flight itineraries include:

  • One-way itinerary
  • Round-trip itinerary
  • Open-jaw itinerary
  • Multi-stop itinerary
  • Multiple airline itinerary

For travel agencies and tour operators, creating the best flight route itinerary is a key component when planning a customer’s trip.
However, planning and searching for the best flight route optimisations and deals can be a time-consuming manual task, especially for complex routes such as multi-city itineraries. 

With thousands of different routes available, how can you filter and choose the best possible itinerary for your client? 

That is where flight route planners come in. 

Flight Route Itineraries

Flight route planners

Flight route planners can be used by travel management companies such as travel agents, tour operators and airlines to optimise the entire flight search process.

Flight route planners use innovative technology and automation to help you find the best deals for your customers. 

Flight search software can:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Simplify and automate booking processes
  • Offer real-time rates and availability
  • Offer flexibility on times, dates and routes
  • Increase conversions
Flight Route Itineraries

How can travel agents optimise routes?

According to Phocuswire, travellers have hundreds of options when it comes to searching for and booking travel. And, due to the high levels of competition within the market, it is crucial that travel agents bring added value in order to increase conversion rates.

Travel agents can optimise their routes through the use of flight search software like Nezasa’s TripOptimizer

Based on algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, our cutting-edge platform allows travel agents to find the best flight routes in real time and within seconds, allowing you to offer your customers the most relevant deals depending on their specific priorities.
By using a tool like TripOptimizer, travel agents can streamline their processes, increase competitive advantage and improve the entire customer experience with optimised routes.

Single flight vs. multi-stop flight

A multi-stop trip is essentially a single itinerary that includes more than one stop. This allows travellers to visit multiple destinations within one trip, and removes the need to book a number of single or round-trip flight tickets that can often be more expensive.  

While searching for single or return flights can be challenging, planning a multi-stop flight itinerary is even more time-consuming.

With TripOptimizer, you can easily search for complex multi-stop itineraries, comparing and filtering different options based on your customers’ specific priorities such as time, costs and destinations. 

TripOptimizer is the best flight search planner for all types of flight itineraries, offering efficiency and ease throughout the route creation and planning process. 

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