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Flight Search Software For Travel Agents

For travellers, finding the best flight deals is often one of the key factors when planning their itineraries and ultimately booking a trip. 

But, this can be a time-consuming process.

That’s where travel agents come in.

Travel agents and tour operators can simplify the entire flight booking service for their clients. To do this, they can use flight search software.

Are you a travel agent wondering what the best flight search software on the market is?

Read our new blog post to find out.

What is a flight search software? 

Flight search software is an online platform that allows travel companies to search for their customers’ flights.

These types of software utilise technology to scan a wide range of routes, times, dates and airlines, finding the best flights according to a customer’s needs. 

Why do travel agents need a flight search tool? 

Flight search tools have many benefits for both travel agents and their customers.

Flight search software can:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Simplify and automate booking processes
  • Offer real-time rates and availability
  • Offer flexibility on times, dates and routes
  • Increase conversions

Multi-stop itineraries and round trips

Even though flight search software are powerful tools to create complex multi-stop itineraries, there’s another major aspect to it that can help travel agents offer the best deals to customers. 

Not all travellers are looking for multi-city itineraries. Some are just in search of the best possible deal for their round trips. 

Thanks to virtual interlining, flight search platforms are now able to offer travel agents options not available in the most common search engines in the market. With this technology, connecting airlines, more remote destinations and choosing the partners travel agents wish to work with it’s possible in a matter of minutes. 

New flight search tools are able to provide travel management brands with complex grades of optimisation, but can also be a valuable asset to planning and booking simple round trips. 

Flight search before TripOptimizer

Before the use of innovative software like TripOptimizer, airfare searches were a time-consuming manual task.

Even with flight search websites, it is often necessary to carry out multiple different searches and comparisons in order to find the best deals, and it can be hard to filter results to find what you and your customer are looking for. 

The new era of flight search with TripOptimizer

With TripOptimizer, flight search is made easy.

Based on Artificial Intelligence and algorithms, TripOptimizer simplifies complex routes in a matter of seconds, verifying all options based on real-time availability and optimising them according to your customers’ specific priorities: time, costs, number of stops and CO2 emissions.

This fast and automated process allows travel agents to respond to customer enquiries rapidly and with ease, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and cheaper, more efficient, automated and sustainable itineraries for travellers.

As we explained in Multi-Stop Flights: everything you need to know, TripOptimizer is also the perfect platform to use when searching for complex multi-stop flights.

TripOptimizer is the best flight search tool on the market, empowering travel agents, tour operators and airlines and enabling connected trips.


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