Health and Visa information for travellers at your fingertips
Covid-19, Nezasa

Health and Visa information for travellers at your fingertips

During COVID-19, health and visa information has become more important and more dynamic than ever. For this reason, Nezasa has partnered with Passolution to provide you and your customers with a needed, up-to-date, source of information.

Having the most updated information on travel restrictions and destination requirements has never been so necessary. That is why, at Nezasa, we continue to seek out solutions that will help your business get back on track as soon as possible. Therefore, we would like to support you with the best tools that will make your travel planning and booking not only easy, fast and secure, but also complete, with the best up-to-date travel and health information with the technology of Passolution.

What does Passolution offer?

Passolution offers access to the current health and entry requirements of over 198 destinations in one central location, with instantly updated travel information, including passport, visa, vaccination regulation and the latest COVID-19 updates from across the globe. These updates include information on COVID-19 testing, quarantine requirements, mask regulations, local curfews and tracing apps, as well as a list of countries which have restrictions in place.

How can you profit from the integration!

Benefit from Nezasa’s partnership with Passolution and get the required travel information directly from our travel software while planning a trip for your customer (B2B) or while the customer is planning himself (B2C). Having the right information at hand while planning a trip is not only convenient but also time-saving, and it adds great value to your client’s offering. Free yourself from the countless checks on websites and external sources that may or may not have the latest updates in place.

The integration of TripBuilder with Passolution leverages the context of the personalised itinerary to retrieve the right information and display it, not just in the checkout process, but also in the printable travel documentation. The information shown is automatically tailored to the nationalities of the travelers and the destination countries.

Passolution and nezasa

No more manual gathering of visa and health regulations. With our travel technology it is all built in for you to provide your customers with all the essential travel information with the click of a button.

Try Passolution for free!

We are currently offering Passolution as an add-on to our product plans, so make sure to try it out and see how it works within the TripBuilder platform in a free trial for all our trial customers.

If you are not in a TripBuilder trial anymore, you can simply buy a subscription from Passolution and provide your Passolution API keys to Nezasa.

Interested in trying out our free TripBuilder – Passolution trial? Sign up here.

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