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How to create Multi-Day Tour Packages


With the travelling situation not yet resolved and with many countries still imposing arrival and/or returning health measures, it is hard to imagine stepping into the new year with “normal”, pre-covid travel conditions.

Nonetheless, as a travel technology supplier, we believe that the tourism industry will continue to adapt to the ongoing circumstances and reinforce its situation – especially with the help of technological solutions – to plan and book travel in an efficient and profitable way.

So, in this new blog post, we are happy to share some insights on why booking Multi-Day Tour Packages – with the use of a powerful travel software platform – can benefit brands and consumers alike.

What is a Multi-Day Tour Package? 

A Tour Package is a multi-day travel product that consists of a combination of several travel components which can include:

  • transportation means
  • accommodation services
  • leisure activities, excursions
  • other booking services, such as rental cars and/or transfers

example of Multi-Day Tour Packages

Conveniently, having all of the above booked under one travel package can provide:

a) travel brands → the opportunity to sell several travel components under one single booking transaction

b) travellers → the ease and confidence of knowing that, if necessary, they can request the adjustment of the different services included in the package

The latter is becoming increasingly important due to Covid-19 since travellers have made a shift in their booking behaviour and value having easier cancellation, rebooking and refund policies.

To summarize the above, according to recent Amadeus research, 75% of travellers surveyed across 7 markets would consider packages and bundled travel products for their next trip.

How do you create a Tour Package? 

With digitalised platforms being the most effective way to search, plan and book travel, at Nezasa we believe in the convenience of having one connected, powerful travel platform to plan and book multi-day tour packages.

In that sense, Nezasa’s TripBuilder allows travel brands to sell end-to-end itineraries in a digital, interactive and hyper-personalised way, where they can either:

  • select from a choice of pre-designed itineraries – where customers can have an overview of the travelling options available to them

how to create a Multi-Day Tour Packages

  • create entire trips from beginning to end – by choosing the different travel components from the available supply inventory

But, how are these trips actually created? 👇

Steps to creating Tour Packages with TripBuilder

The following are the necessary steps to create a complete Tour Package with Nezasa’s TripBuilder booking platform:

  • Select the outbound / inbound destination + travel dates
  • Select the number of nights + choose from the available accommodation possibilities/board options

Multi-Day Tour Packages nezasa

  • Choose from the destination’s bookable activities
  • Add a rental car, if needed
  • Compare the different airfare options and prices
  • Proceed with the booking of the Tour Package

Multi-Day Tour Packages tripbuilder

  • Share the travel documentation with your customers
  • Get them ready to travel 🛫

How do you Price a Tour Package? 💰

As a travel brand, you know that setting the correct price on a product or service is the key to business profitability.

Companies should not only take into consideration their operating expenses, which can make a difference in their profit margins, but also set the corresponding markups to define the right selling price for their services.

Some business operating expenses may include:

  • Administrative costs
  • Booking software costs
  • Employee wages
  • Leasing and/or rental costs
  • Phone and Internet bills
  • Others (utilities, etc.)

On the other hand, markups are the % or commission that brands apply to a specific product or service in order to determine its final selling price.

For example, if a product sells for $125 and costs $100, the price increase (markup) is ($125 – $100) / $100) x 100 = 25%

Of course, this percentage can vary depending on:

  • your business strategy
  • the type of products sold (single flights or tour packages)
  • the seasonality
  • the market demand

But, it can also have an impact on how your brand is perceived in comperison to your competitors, since adding a higher markup to your products can be interpreted as being more expensive.

How to promote Packaged Tours? 📣

As previously described in The tour operators’ guide to creating an exciting marketing strategy, there are various types of marketing activities that brands can incorporate into their business strategy in order to promote their brand, increase their visibility and advertise their travel packages and services.

  • Digital marketing channels → Website, Email Marketing, Social Media advertising, etc., are key in a digitalised world where, already in 2018, more than 82% of all travel bookings were made online via a mobile app or website.
  • Traditional marketing channels → Printed media, brochures, magazines, TV commercials, etc., can be considered as old-fashioned or too expensive, but they can also have a long-lasting effect on the viewers and can be more cost-effective for local audiences.

In our opinion, a combination of both (digital and traditional) can provide your brand with a better customer reach and, in the end, a better business outcome. 👍

If you found this information relevant to your business, you might want to consider attending a TripBuilder webinar where you can watch a live example of how to create Tour Packages, as well as ask all the necessary questions you may have.

On the other hand, if your company is ready to integrate Nezasa’s booking software into its existing system, check out our different pricing plans which are appropriately set to fit your company’s size and needs.

For additional ideas on how to create amazing tours with TripBuilder, check our blog on Travel Itineraries.

For any other business related questions, do not hesitate to get in touch and discover how Nezasa’s solutions can take your business further.

Happy Booking!