How to Turn Holidays Into Experiences
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How to Turn Holidays Into Experiences

Trends in the travel industry clearly point into one direction: Personalised trips that allow travellers getting the greatest experience out of their holidays. But, how can tour operators help them get there?

It is easy to be emotionally attached to something you use often. That’s how digital services work: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – we have a connection with something we use daily. Despite the fact that the last year has shown that this is a fragile bond, highly dependent on trust.

For tour operators in the travel industry, it is much harder to create such a loyal connection with their customers. After all, most of us are not lucky enough to be able to fly off on holiday every week. As we have discussed previously, on the secret to the perfect travel package, the traditional liaison between a travel agent and a traveller is relatively short and mostly functional: initiate contact, book a (more often than not) simple package and off you go.

Taking full control over the booking process

We want to change that and so do travellers all over the world. Euromonitor International’s Megatrends Shaping the Future of Travel  points towards a clear direction: Customers want a personalised experience in which they take full control over their itinerary.

Securing personalisation requires a smooth, intertwined network that is able to cater to the customer’s wishes – easy, detailed and immediate. Nezasa’s technology combines each of the components and all of the booking processes on one platform. Thanks to our close relationship with our partners, booking becomes a pleasure: the traveller gets a tailor-made holiday and the tour operator an easy-to-handle tool.

Personalisation, however, is only one side of the coin. Customers don’t want to grapple with multiple bookings in order to have a personalised experience. But how can a predetermined itinerary accommodate spontaneity that often belongs to having great experiences?

Creating the optimal holiday

It comes back to giving full control over the holiday planning process. There are so many things that the traveller cannot anticipate months beforehand: what is the weather going to be like? How will my health be when I am at the location? What will I feel like doing on a specific day? For these reasons, the travellers must be able to make decisions according to their situation and feeling. To facilitate this, tour operators must become far more engaged with their customers over a longer period. Very specific offers and recommendations based on variable factors must accompany the travellers on their journey.

Nezasa is working to make it possible.

Becoming much more engaged with your customers will not only enable you to upsell more easily and efficiently, but will also create customer loyalty. After all, we rely heavily on the help of digital services that, at best, make our life much easier. Continuing and accompanying offers will be a part of it. In the end, each traveller should get the best holiday experience that they deserve.

If you are a tour operator and wish to know more on how to benefit from Nezasa’s technology, discover our platform for Tour Operators.

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