Major Release: 2023/24

We’re getting ready for TripBuilder’s final Major Release for 2023! We are excited to reveal the advancements seamlessly integrated into our platform during the last quarter and what is coming in 2024. 

This is your handbook for delving into the innovations accessible to every TripBuilder user. Let’s delve into the features introduced in our latest quarterly product update. 

Better UX & UI: What’s New Across TripBuilder

First, we’re introducing added flexibility for adjusting itinerary prices, including the option for an additional fee or discount, all while ensuring consistent and accurate pricing. This enhancement leads to better efficiency, streamlining the handling of processing fees, whether it involves adding, changing, or removing them.

Additionally, the revised PNR import flow, that we explored in previous Major Releases, now includes a dedicated step for room definition. TripBuilder allows for room assignment before the itinerary is instantiated, ensuring more consistency across the operation. 

Another challenge users faced was difficulty in identifying and managing different product types in their itineraries, impacting trip planning accuracy. The solution comes in the form of a standardised visual representation of components while planning. This ensures better identification for selected or missing components, and users can now follow a unified process to view, add, edit, or remove any product type present in an itinerary.


  • The navigation process became faster and more intuitive to users; 
  • Ensuring consistency across all operations, from planning to booking; 
  • Better visual representation of components; 
  • Better adjustment to travellers preferences. 

Post Booking: Order History

Users have shared their struggles in keeping tabs on booking changes, especially when tweaks or cancellations are involved. The absence of a clear change history has been limiting the efficiency of analysing bookings and tracing their evolution. To address this, a dedicated page has been introduced. 

This page provides a chronological view of all itinerary booking transactions, detailing modifications, cancellations, and changes made to individual booking components. Now, users can enjoy improved visibility and a straightforward way to track the evolution of their bookings.


  • Quick visibility over changes and cancellations;
  • Easier to understand what changed in bookings; 
  • Control over post booking actions.

Post Booking: Fees and Discount Handling

Making changes to fees and discounts in TripBuilder’s Customer Care just became a lot easier, eliminating a lot of potential restrictions and saving valuable time that could be better spent on daily operations.

Here are some key features to ease the process:

  • Bookings with a redeemed promo code now have the flexibility to apply a post-booking discount;
  • Conveniently edit processing fees directly in Customer Care without the need for a complete booking change.


  • Additional flexibility with pricing; 
  • More operational efficiency;
  • Consistency across the entire operation. 

Are you a Nezasa customer?

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If you have questions about the new features included in our Major Release, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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