Major Release: Q2 2023

Welcome to our second Major Release of 2023! We’re excited to share with you what improvements have been incorporated into TripBuilder this quarter. 

This article aims to explore the most relevant new features that are now available to all TripBuilder users. Let’s dive into this quarter’s innovative new capabilities: 

Booking Import

TripBuilder aims to be an all-in-one platform that handles all products within one system. Until now, users could manage products from inventory and live supply but not from external supplier systems. 

Our new booking import feature solves this gap. 

It is now possible for agents to pre-book their products in their external supplier system and have that data integrated into TripBuilder with a simple booking import. 

This functionality is now available for G-Adventures activities and Book My Ride RV/Campers products. 


  • Allowing your teams to book directly on the supplier’s tools 
  • Centralising information and data within TripBuilder 
  • Facilitating communication with travellers by having all products’ information under one tool 
  • Improving operations and response time 

Post-Booking Operations

For the second improvement, we’re introducing post-booking handling improvements. We have established an automation around repetitive manual operations for Group Tours. 

As of now, it is possible to apply simple changes to products that are already booked. This feature provides your team with an alternative to a booking change without impacting itineraries’ structure or pricing. 

Furthermore, given the requirements demanded for Group Tours, this feature can update multiple itineraries at once when changes around accommodations or activities occur. 


  • Simpler and quicker post-booking operations 
  • Reducing manual errors 
  • Tracking the changes made in the itinerary history
  • Better use of your teams’ time 
  • Automated changes for Group Tours on multiple itineraries


For our last topic, we have enabled a simple self-service feature that allows the export of product data within TripBuilder. 

Product Managers can now export reports including all data around itineraries, including allotments and all types of inventory products. Information can be filtered according to date ranges, distribution channels, creation and booking date.

Data can then be used for analysis of sales and bookings, reporting purposes or a simple consultation. 


  • Full autonomy for product managers to access product data 
  • No dependency from any technical team to analyse information 
  • A CSV format that enables you to integrate this data into other systems 
  • Better overview of products and sales 

Are you a Nezasa customer?

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If you have questions about the new features included in our Major Release, contact your Customer Success Manager.

See you on 19 July!

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Anne Faulmann