Major Release: Q3 2023

Welcome to TripBuilder’s third Major Release of 2023! We are thrilled to unveil the enhancements that have been incorporated into our platform this quarter. 

This article is your guide to exploring the most significant innovations now available to all TripBuilder users. Let’s have a look at the capabilities introduced in this quarter’s major release.

Connect API: Empowering Independence

TripBuilder wishes to become an Open API provider for live supply integrations, allowing external technical teams to independently develop interoperable middleware between TripBuilder and supplier systems.

The Connect API represents TripBuilder’s Open API for live supply integrations. With dedicated interfaces for each product type, single and multi-day activity support is now available, with Swiss Activities as the first supplier supported by the Connect API. Future evolutions will support flights and accommodations in the near future.


  • Increased Independence. By eliminating the dependency on Nezasa’s development team, TripBuilder users can expedite the integration process, improving time-to-market for critical suppliers.
  • Customers can exercise control over the choice of suppliers to integrate with, even including niche suppliers.
  • Decision on the technical team responsible for integration, whether it’s the supplier, a software integrator, or an in-house team, ensuring the best solution for every use case.

Itinerary Creation from Flights: Redefining Trip Planning

A recognised reference tool for FIT planning and booking, TripBuilder is extending the user experience also for simple-packaging. As a first step, users can create packages by searching their flights first in Discovery.

Users can now search for flights directly before starting to build an itinerary. Once a flight is selected, users can effortlessly continue planning their entire trip. 


  • Enhanced Flexibility: This feature offers an additional option in defining trips, catering to diverse travel preferences
  • Improved User Experience: The streamlined process and improved booking flow lead to higher conversion rates, especially for destinations and packages where flight availability and price play a pivotal role
  • Single Flight Selling: TripBuilder now supports single flight selling, expanding sales opportunities and enabling users initially searching for flights to transition into package buyers, addressing new market segments

Stripe Integration: Simplifying Payments 

To support the expansion and growth of our customers, TripBuilder is committed to offering relevant and conversion-focused payment options. 

TripBuilder now supports Stripe as a payment provider. Both new and existing customers can utilise Stripe to accept payments for their trips booked through TripBuilder.


  • Improved conversion: Stripe’s large selection of methods and brand recognition from a large user base, positively impacts conversion upon payment.
  • Seamless Integration: The simple integration process ensures a hassle-free experience, particularly for travel brands already using Stripe.

As we continue to evolve, TripBuilder remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance the travel booking experience for both businesses and travellers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in our journey towards a brighter travel future!

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