Nezasa 2023 in Numbers

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to take a closer look at Nezasa’s journey through the year, specifically focusing on our platform, TripBuilder and the fantastic year our customers just had. The numbers speak volumes, and we’re thrilled to share the remarkable achievements that have defined the last 12 months for us and our partners. 

TripBuilder: Our Platform’s Numbers 

“We started 2023 on a high note, with our best quarter ever in terms of booking volume, and it was great to witness how it all unraveled from that point on. 

Every increase in our customer’s booking volumes or in their ability to sell higher-valued products and hence increase their profitability is a shared victory that underlines the strength of our platform. As we look forward to 2024, we’re excited to continue this trajectory of growth and success, further elevating the experiences and business outcomes for all our partners. Here’s to a year with even better numbers” – Manuel Hilty, Nezasa’s CEO

Our Customers Best Months: Q1

As the first quarter of the year unfolded, it brought with it a new wave of success for the travel industry, and TripBuilder and its users were no exception. The months of January, February, and March emerged as the stars of the show, contributing to an astounding 127% increase in booking volume compared to the previous year.

Increase in Booked Nights: 300%

Night after night, TripBuilder exceeded expectations with a phenomenal 300% increase in booked nights during 2023. This statistic reflects an increase in quantity and a testament to the trust users place in TripBuilder to curate extended multi-day tours. 

Increase in Average Basket Size: 10.8%

A fantastic 10.8% increase in the average basket size, setting a new high record of almost 4.000 euros in value, showcases how TripBuilder caters to the evolving needs of travellers, offering comprehensive and tailored packages that have real business impact. TripBuilder allows travel providers to discover new revenue sources within the same group of travellers or in new demographics. 

TripBuilder: New Features and Releases 

In 2023, TripBuilder got major upgrades with 24 new releases and 623 fresh features. The team is constantly working to improve things, so we are committed to listening to our customer’s demand and combining it with what’s happening in the travel world.

Customer Experience: What’s New 

At Nezasa, customer experience is crucial. In 2023, we rolled out Major Releases webinars to introduce customers to the most significant improvements in TripBuilder. In addition, we created our Product Deep-Dives, which allowed us to explore specific capabilities and fine-tune TripBuilder to meet individual needs.

Our commitment to a better and faster onboarding was realised through the incorporation of video and how-to guides. The result? A smoother and more efficient onboarding process, ensuring that our users can make the most of TripBuilder from day one.

As we reflect on Nezasa’s 2023 journey, these numbers and developments highlight our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and the pursuit of making every trip extraordinary. Stay tuned as we continue to redefine the future of travel in the years to come.

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Maria Ribeiro