Nezasa’s Year in Numbers

2022 was an exciting and hopeful year for the entire travel industry and Nezasa was no exception. Across the multiple markets, signs of a strong recovery and clear technological innovation allowed travel companies to grow and digitise at a never-seen-before pace. 

For Nezasa, 2022 represents a record-breaking year, the presence in a new market, a new product and new team members helping us empower travel brands worldwide. 

Here’s our year breakdown in numbers: 

TripBuilder: A Record-Breaking Year 

After two years of deep uncertainty and so many forced setbacks in the travel industry, Nezasa is proud to announce that 2022 is a record-breaking year for TripBuilder

We reached the highest booking numbers ever in March and May. However, we now know that December 2022 was, in fact, our best month of the year and the best booking month ever for TripBuilder.

We accomplished this by having personalisation and automation as guidelines to continuously develop easy-to-implement technology. 

Now, it’s time to continue to work on our software stack and help travel brands with faster and groundbreaking tools to continue to grow at their own pace.

TripBuilder: New features and Releases 

TripBuilder had an exciting and busy year with 200 new releases and more than 600 new features incorporated during 2022. 

With the help of our customers and partners, we continuously improved our state-of-the-art software and are now ready to serve an increasing number of use cases. 

But 2022 was also the year we improved the way we showcase our latest releases and features. Thanks to our webinars, in-depth articles and constant support from our team we’re now more effective in communicating what’s new in TripBuilder. 

2023 will be the year we take this to a whole new level and build an even stronger bridge between customers and our products. 

TripOptimizer: Our New Product 

One of the most exciting highlights of 2022: Nezasa acquired an exciting start-up and added its flight route optimiser to its product suite. TripOptimizer is now our entry product and adds exciting new features to Nezasa’s portfolio. 

With the ever-lasting goal of providing cutting-edge technology to travel management companies, Nezasa now provides the right tool to optimise flight routes in minutes. 

Additionally, we got a new office in Santiago, Chile, and a new team of 20+ members. 

Awards and Events 

One of the main goals of 2022 was to reunite with the travel industry. It was crucial to feel the pulse of the market after so many months apart to clearly understand where the trends are being set. 

Nezasa took part in 17 events worldwide, gathering valuable insights and finding new partnerships wherever we went. And we can’t wait to do it again in 2023!

To finish our year on a strong note, Nezasa won the “Best Large Technology Supplier” at this year’s Travolution Awards. This is the third year in a row Travolution awarded us. 

Our team grew a lot!

A whole new team in Santiago, new hires and bigger departments. 2022 brought us so many new members who are adding exciting new ideas and processes to our daily lives. 

There are now more than 80 Nezasians spread across the world, focused on creating the best solutions for customers and partners. 

And that is the number we are most proud of.