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Passion led us here

Eight years ago, we set out to revolutionise the way personalised trips are planned and booked. Since then, tech has changed the way we plan travel.

The Beginning

When we started eight years ago, we came from the perspective of an end consumer: how could we simplify the user journey, dropping the tiresome manual hassle that was required back then – and to a large degree is still today.

Retrospectively, the market of 2013 was not yet ready for our ambitious vision. One of the missing pieces was the live availability of all the types of products. This is crucial for planning an individual itinerary. While flights and hotels were largely available, all the other types of ground services (e.g., guides tours, excursions, transfers of all types etc.) were laborious to book as they could not be booked in real-time online.

Despite these challenges, we sold tailor-made trips to Asia online, had very happy customers and a steep learning curve. In a time where almost every trip planning startup ended up in the infamous graveyard, our passion led us on and showed us a way into the future.

Gaining Speed

In 2015, we decided to  focus on our core strength: developing technology. That entailed to drop our B2C business and instead, to provide top notch technology to the travel industry in a B2B business model. Our mission stayed the same: revolutionise the way personalised trips are planned and booked.

With it came the challenge to solve the complexity of planning and booking any type of personalised trip. To guarantee a seamless user experience, all underlying manual processes need to be automated. The quest for the “Connected Trip” was born.

Nezasa was spearheading this development early on. Today, our itinerary planning products are able to automate tens of thousands of planning- and booking-related use cases and to ensure the consistency of an itinerary, even through multiple adjustments. We enable this across the entire travel life cycle; also post-booking and in-destination.

In short: we enable the connected trip for every brand.

The Biggest Challenge Yet

Just when we extended our service to international markets, entering a steep growth trajectory, we encountered the biggest obstacle to date: The COVID-19 crisis. The worldwide travel market was and is impacted in an unprecedented way.

The current situation is the biggest challenge that travel sellers have faced in the history of the travel business. Most travel brands are fighting for survival and it’s very hard for everyone to look forward.

Automation Is the Future

In all the current turmoil, one thing is clear: automation and personalisation are becoming even more important. Travel brands will need to react fast to changes in the market and to create an efficient and flexible cost base.

There are also clear signs that travellers will be less focused on mass travel, but more interested in individualised and sustainable forms of it. The better a travel brand is able to adjust to these changes, the better their future will be once the travel market starts to recover for real.

At Nezasa, we are whole-heartedly committed to helping our customers to be fully prepared for this post-COVID world. This is the new flavour of our mission and our passion for it has never been higher.

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