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How a state of the art dynamic packaging solution can be the key to success for travel companies

Constant shifts in consumer behaviour, technological advancements and global developments continuously keep changing the travel industry. To thrive in this dynamic environment, travel companies need strategies to maintain competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, differentiate their offerings, and optimise profitability. Putting all this together can often seem like a challenging equation to solve.

The key question to address is: Where does the key to success lie for travel businesses navigating this challenging landscape?

At Nezasa, we firmly believe that digital transformation is a crucial element in solving  this equation. It empowers companies to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. In a 2023 survey, of 1.000 travel executives, sponsored by AWS and conducted by Skift, 95% stated that digital transformation is important to the overall strategy and success of their businesses

TripBuilder, Nezasa’s commerce platform for travel companies, designed to solve complex multi-day tour offerings, is now able to solve one-stop travel needs with a state-of-the-art dynamic packaging solution that combines efficiency and flexibility through access to real time cached pricing and availability. 

What does this mean for travel companies looking to increase their competitiveness by enhancing their technology stack? 

Whether it’s a tour operator or travel agency that is looking to optimise its operations or to start an online business, TripBuilder is:

  • Offered in a turnkey format, optimised for conversion and quick to deploy;
  • Capable of combining efficiency and flexibility in a single platform, using real-time pricing;
  • Powerful in managing bookings and post-booking changes;
  • Able to extend single-stop programmes with additional services; 
  • Catering to different consumer needs by supporting multi-day and single-stop tours on one platform;
  • Able to help you sell all your inventory and apply the discount rates and margins that best suit you;
  • Able to adjust pricing and seasonality, yielding to make sure you are hitting your quotas no matter the time of the year.

Several studies have suggested that after two years of accelerated growth in the post-pandemic surge, 2024 could be a year of deceleration. As Skift recently put it, we could be moving from “Too Hot to Just Right”. In this new scenario, travel companies will look into transforming their businesses towards:

  • Product differentiation: By offering their customers the ability to effortlessly discover, personalise, and book travel packages combining flights and hotels and add services such as cars, transfers or activities to a simple package, which will ultimately turn each trip into a unique experience. 
  • Customer satisfaction: A perfect travel experience that starts in the trip planning with the design of travel packages that align with each customer’s desire. 
  • Increasing sales volumes with healthy margins: capacity to offer single-stop packages throughout the year without compromising profitability or pricing, with a further benefit of  higher average basket size  by offering addons at the time of planning . 

TripBuilder can help travel providers boost sales, increase conversion, offer flexibility and improve the traveller experience. Discover more!