TripBuilder: The Ultimate Tool for Travel Agent Management

The travel industry is dynamic and highly competitive, and the role of your travel agents is more crucial than ever. In such a fast-paced environment, having the right tools to manage and support travel agents is essential. TripBuilder emerges as the perfect tool for travel agent management thanks to its impressive usage data regarding retention, stickiness, and conversion rate.

Exceptional Stickiness

The stickiness of a platform is an indicator of how often users return to it. In the case of TripBuilder, the stickiness rate is an industry-leading 51.8% (in the last 90 days). This means that over half of the travel agents using the platform consistently return to it. Such a high stickiness rate signifies that travel agents value TripBuilder, making it a central part of their daily routine.

We briefly discussed this data with Mário Soares, Nezasa’s Digital Customer Success Manager, who gave us more insights on what these statistics mean:

“With a stickiness rate like this, TripBuilder is not just an option but a daily necessity. Travel agents rely on it for various tasks, from itinerary planning to actual booking.”

The high stickiness rate can be attributed to the platform’s valuable tools, the wealth of features it offers, and the support it provides to travel agents. TripBuilder’s stickiness ensures that travel agents rely on it day after day, increasing their efficiency and, consequently, travel businesses’ profitability.

Data on Usage for Travel Agent Management

Averaging 24 minutes of daily usage per user (data from the last 90 days), TripBuilder is not just a tool that travel agents log into occasionally. It’s a platform that they actively use to enhance their work. This usage time signifies several important aspects. 

“The fact that travel agents spend significant time on TripBuilder daily indicates that they engage with the platform. The 24-minute daily average tells us that TripBuilder plays a vital role in travel agents’ daily tasks. Collectively, the agents that use TripBuilder do it for an average of 3792 hours per month in the last 3 months.” – adds Mário Soares. 

When a tool becomes an integral part of a user’s daily workflow, it becomes indispensable. TripBuilder is a trusted companion for travel agents as they navigate the complex world of travel planning.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are a critical metric in the travel industry, indicating how effectively travel agents convert leads into customers. TripBuilder showcases a conversion rate of 4.87%. This rate demonstrates that travel agents using TripBuilder are not only engaged but also successful in completing bookings.

The conversion rate can be attributed to various features of TripBuilder, such as its access to real-time pricing, detailed itineraries, and other tools that facilitate the booking process. Travel agents can provide quick and accurate information to potential customers, increasing their chances of sealing the deal. 

On this front, Mário adds that the secret to these metrics comes not only from travel agents, but satisfied travellers: “Higher conversion rates directly translate to more successful bookings and increased revenue. TripBuilder helps your agents complete sales efficiently and effectively.

The platform’s tools, real-time pricing information, and detailed itineraries make the booking process faster. This efficiency is attractive to both travel agents but also to end-consumers. And that explains why conversion rates go up as TripBuilder usage increases”. 

Travel Agent Management

In the travel industry, managing travel agents effectively is the key to success. TripBuilder emerges as the perfect tool for travel agent management, backed by its statistics in retention, stickiness, and conversion rate.

With a high retention rate, TripBuilder ensures that travel agents choose to stay with your agency. Its stickiness rate of 51.8% means that travel agents rely on the platform daily, increasing their efficiency and productivity. Finally, the impressive conversion rate of 4.87% demonstrates that travel agents using TripBuilder are not just engaged but also effective at closing deals.

By choosing TripBuilder as your travel agent management tool, you’ll not only retain and support your agents but also boost your business profitability through higher conversion rates.

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Maria Ribeiro