TrustYou for Travel Agents
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TrustYou for Travel Agents

As a travel software provider, here at Nezasa we want to make sure that our B2B customers, mainly Travel Agents and Tour Operators,  have the best technology tools and integration suppliers to provide their end clients with the best online planning and booking experience.

For this reason, we only work with the most outstanding industry suppliers, such as AERTicket, Hotelbeds, Payyo and TrustYou, among others. In this blog article, we want to share the benefits of integrating TrustYou in your software system.

TrustYou for Travel Agents

What is TrustYou?

Similar to TripAdvisor’s review and opinion platform, TrustYou is a digital platform that gathers customers’ feedback from hotel and hospitality accommodations, restaurants and DMOs, covering 92% of the world’s hotel database.

Why should Travel Agents use TrustYou?

The power of TrustYou gives travel agents and their customers the confidence of having reliable and updated review information on a wide range of travel businesses, allowing them to make informed booking decisions and improve the overall travel experience, before they even depart!

How does it work?

By using TrustYou, tourist destination businesses can manage all of their guests’ feedback, helping them gain valuable insights and better reviews, thus, impacting on future traveller decisions and, ultimately, obtaining more bookings.

To do so, the platform uses an automated communication system that allows businesses to share important news with their guests or respond to incoming messages faster. At the same time, businesses get real-time notification alerts on new online reviews, guest messages, survey responses, and more.

Finally, TrustYou allows businesses to have a quick overview on how well they are performing against competitors and to know if their existing customers are willing to repeat, for example, their lodging experience and book in their properties again.

Why should Travel Agents use TrustYou?

Nezasa & TrustYou 

TrustYou is an integrated TripBuilder partner that allows travel agents to have immediate access to real-time reviews on more than 1M+ accommodations worldwide. Additionally, through our TripBuilder solution, travel agents can directly select from the Guest Rating checkbox – on the hotel overview page – in order to get the best online reviews, and select from other accommodation options such as Star rating, Price range or Cancellation policy.

With TripBuilder and TrustYou, travel brands will always have the guarantee of offering their customers the best service for planning and booking amazing end-to-end travel itineraries.

For this reason, at Nezasa we are constantly working to improve our software solutions to provide B2B companies with the best technology and the most competitive products in the market.

If you wish to know more on how TripBuilder can boost your company’s results, make sure to attend one of our bi-monthly webinars, or get in touch with us for a detailed insight of our solution products here.

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