How to Prepare and Sell Weekend Getaways

We all love to travel, but whether it’s due to money or time constraints, sometimes longer trips just aren’t possible. 

For those looking to enjoy the perks of travel without breaking the bank or taking long periods off work, weekend getaways are the perfect option. 

And, during the times of the pandemic, weekend getaways have become even more popular as a way for us to start enjoying travel again without the added stress of planning long or complex itineraries

The appeal of the weekend getaway is nothing new, and it looks like it’s here to stay. 

However, for tourism businesses, it can be hard to know which types of trips to sell. 

Are you a travel agency wondering which kind of itineraries to add to your offerings?

We are here to give you all of our top tips on how to prepare and sell weekend getaways.

What is a weekend getaway?

Weekend getaways are short trips that usually last for 2-3 days, and can be both domestic or international

There is a perfect weekend trip for every type of traveller. From city dwellers to nature lovers, quick getaways are an excellent way to enjoy a change of pace and discover new destinations. 


Why should you sell weekend getaways?

An article by Bloomberg found that an increasing number of consumers are now turning to travel agents when booking their trips, which gives added security in case of changing restrictions or cancellations as well as peace of mind. 

And, according to Amadeus, although 77% of travellers want to travel again this year, the fear of catching Covid while on a trip and the prospect of self-isolation or last-minute cancellations are still big concerns. 

Unlike international trips or longer itineraries, weekend getaways are a more viable alternative in today’s unpredictable market, allowing us to ease back into the travel mood with little risk. 

Weekend getaways are also more likely to be booked last minute, and travel agencies can take advantage of this by offering late deals and offers for last-minute bookings.

So, what are you waiting for?

Why not add weekend getaways to your offerings and enjoy the benefits of the current high demand for travel. 


Types of weekend getaways  

A quick weekend getaway is an excellent way to get back into the travel spirit without having to plan too far ahead. 

Some examples of weekend getaways include:

City breaks

Head to vibrant destinations such as London, Madrid or Berlin and soak up the culture, history, architecture, nightlife and cuisine of the big city. The proximity and ease of travel between European cities make it easy to hop on a plane and explore a different country for a couple of days, and with advances in technology like digital Covid certificates, air travel is becoming more feasible once more. 

While many avoided big cities during the pandemic, now is the perfect time to enjoy urban attractions again as Covid restrictions are being lifted and traveller confidence is increasing.

Nature escapes

Getaways in nature have become increasingly popular during the past 2 years, and this trend is not going anywhere. The perfect way to disconnect from the demands of daily life and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy camping trips in the wilderness, walks in the countryside or days in cosy cabins in the mountains. 

Romantic getaways

Romantic destinations like Paris and Rome are renowned as some of the ultimate weekend getaways. Spend days exploring world-class museums, marvelling at historic landmarks and enjoying incredible culinary delights. 

Wellness trips

The current wellness trend is huge in the travel industry, and this type of trip is set to grow even more in the coming years. Spa breaks or yoga and meditation retreats are the perfect weekend trips for those looking to travel as a way to take care of both their minds and bodies. 


As we discussed in ‘The hidden joy of the staycation’, the domestic travel trend is here to stay. Staycations allow travellers to discover the hidden gems of their own country that they may have never considered before.


Benefits of weekend getaways

Weekend getaways offer many benefits for travellers, and here are just a few of them:

  • Disconnect

Short trips have been found to improve mental health, reduce stress, improve focus and even lower blood pressure. Opening ourselves up to new experiences and cultures is always a good idea, and allows us to recharge and disconnect from the demands of daily life, society and social media. 

  • Cost effective

The less time spent travelling, the less money spent. Weekend trips are an excellent way to explore new destinations without breaking the bank, and choosing to travel by car, train or bus can also be less costly and more flexible than booking flights. 

  • Convenient 

Weekend trips require less planning, less luggage and less stress, and are a highly convenient way to travel.

  • Prioritise and maximise time

With only a short amount of time available to enjoy a destination, travellers are more likely to maximise their time and prioritise the activities they want to do the most. 


What getaways should you sell?

What getaways you should sell depends on your target market as well as your current offerings. 

Does your travel agency specialise in specific countries or types of trips? Do you have existing partnerships with hotels, airlines or activity providers in certain destinations?

For example, if your company focuses on domestic travel, why not promote weekend getaways within your own country for those looking for a quick break?

Or, if your customer base is largely focused on adventure travel, consider offering weekend getaways in nature. 


Step by step guide to build & sell weekend getaways 

  1. Choose your segment

Do you have an existing customer base or are you looking to diversify into a new market? Do market research and decide which segment to focus on. 

  1. Which type of break are you going to sell?

Do you want to focus on domestic trips, nature getaways or city breaks? Choose the type of trip you want to offer in order to provide the best service for your customers.

  1. Create itineraries

Create example itineraries that your customers will love, and consider partnering with in-destination companies to offer extras like activities, transfers and excursions. 

With the use of technology like our TripBuilder software, you can efficiently create hyper-personalised and flexible itineraries for all types of weekend getaways. 

  1. Market and sell your trips

Begin to market and sell your getaways to customers. What makes your offerings unique, why should customers book their weekend getaway with you rather than other travel agencies? More details on marketing strategies for travel companies here

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