Horses for Courses

Travel brands are increasingly looking to digitalise their operations in response to the evolving landscape of the travel industry. However, the diverse nature of their business processes poses challenges. They require a robust production and distribution system to manage sourcing, packaging, customization, and bookings. Additionally, they need a website for brand presence, integrations with third-party systems, a CRM, back-office, and accounting tools for managing invoices and supplier reconciliation.

The question arises: Should travel brands opt for an all-encompassing system or leverage a combination of expert systems? At Nezasa, we advocate for the latter. No system can excel at everything, as I have described in the first article of this series . While single systems may offer a wide range of functionalities, they may lack excellence in certain areas.  By comparison, combining expert systems can lead to powerful outcomes, provided the individual components integrate seamlessly.

Nezasa is the leading expert system for packaging various types of trips. We partner with specialised providers who excel in adjacent areas such as CRM, back-office and accounting, supply consolidation etc. 

We pride ourselves in working closely with partners who ensure seamless integration of systems and offer value-added solutions, like dynamic packaging frontends and customised travel documents. This partnership ecosystem is pivotal to our platform strategy. We firmly believe that this network of partners will equip travel brands with the necessary tools to deliver exceptional traveller experiences. 

To enable our partners, we have significantly invested in an API-based platform strategy. We have created APIs for various system integrations, which can be used by our partners to connect our system with other expert systems.

As our partner ecosystem continues to expand, we remain committed to enhancing the capabilities of our platform through strategic collaborations. Partnerships form the backbone of our strategy, and we trust in this ecosystem to empower travel brands in offering unparalleled journeys to their customers. 

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Manuel Hilty