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STC and Nezasa

Nezasa recently sat down with one of its most valuable clients in the Travel Business, Switzerland Travel Centre (STC), the official and largest destination management company for holidays in Switzerland. Its CEO, Michael Meader, and Product Owner, Sonam Martig, kindly agreed to answer a few questions regarding their collaboration with Nezasa since 2017.

Here's the interview

Back in 2017, when you reached out to Nezasa, what problems were you trying to solve and how were they affecting you?

We were very successful in selling packages of different tours in Switzerland to customers worldwide. At the same time we realized that more and more of our customers wanted to customize the tours we offered. This was fine with offline sales, but online the grade of customization we could offer for our customers was quite limited. We therefore started to look out for a booking system which allows a high grade of customisation for online customers worldwide.

Why did you end up choosing our platform?

The Nezasa platform was already known to us for quite some time before 2017, we met up a couple of times to understand their thoughts and plans for the future and in 2017 we thought that the Nezasa platform is the one which can help us to reach our goals in terms of offering our tours online. We analyzed different systems at the time, but most of them were either classic package holiday systems or online shopping cart solutions more suitable for a destination to offer all of their products. Our vision at the time, to offer a big range of tours and have the customer customize them to their liking, could only be done with the Nezasa platform.

As one of the early customers of Nezasa, how does the collaboration currently work?

Quarterly product roadmap exchanges give us a good insight in Nezasa’s quarterly planning, allowing us to raise our main priorities. Main challenges for us are to bring and keep our main priorities on Nezasa’s product roadmap. On support/operational level, we appreciate the weekly exchange about ongoing bug tickets and feature requests. Together with Nezasa, we are constantly working to improve the operational processes to grow with our scale of usage.

image showing STC solution
image showing STC solution

Working with Nezasa over the past years

Which advantages have you experienced so far with Nezasa?

Nezasa allows a more flexible tour planning and booking for our agents and customers. Additionally, we can integrate different product components in a tour from our own inventory but also from third party suppliers.

How is Nezasa integrated into your daily business with agents and customers?

We use Nezasa for handling our B2C online channels from our own and partner websites. Additionally, we have plans to roll out Nezasa for some B2B agents and use it more for offline quotes and bookings.

Would you recommend Nezasa’s software integration? 

Every operator who wants to offer tours or combinations of different services online to customers and allow them to still customize their offer to their own liking. That could be a specialized tour operator like ourselves or big mainstream operators to handle their tours, self-drive offers and other combinations of product and services.

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