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AI Copilots for planning, booking & post-booking

Through innovative AI technologies, Nezasa can help your business to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and open up exciting opportunities in travel management. Discover our AI Planner Copilot and AI Cockpit Copilot and join us in embracing the future of travel with AI solutions designed to expand your business.

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Booking management
Cockpit Copilot Access data Personalisation

Post-Booking operations in minutes, not hours.

Effectively, streamline operations with our AI Cockpit Copilot an integrated AI tool to enhance efficiency in handling post-booking tasks.

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Simplified Data Access

  • Our AI Cockpit Copilot helps companies to easily access booking details that may be spread across various pages, thereby speeding up workflows.
  • A chatbot powered by natural language processing to get information such as cancellation rules, applied fees, and booking history.
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Handle friction

  • Personalised Responses: Receive tailored and data-rich responses to queries, which will then facilitate a better understanding of the booking process.
  • Rapid Disruption Resolution: Quickly address disruptions and minimise friction for your travellers, thus ensuring smoother operations.
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illustration with tripbuilder icons

Artificial Intelligence with TripBuilder

  • Boost sales
  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce errors
  • Handle disruption
  • Improve traveller experience

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