Enhancing Margins in Travel Through Technological Optimisation

Due to the effects of the pandemic, the use of innovative technologies in the travel industry has increased in importance over the last few years. Technology now plays a vital role in increasing margins and improving efficiency for travel companies. But software must be able to meet the complex requirements of tour operators and that’s not always the case. 

One innovative technology that does this is Nezasa’s TripBuilder. But, how exactly can TripBuilder increase your margins? And how does it enable more efficient processes in travel sales at the same time?

The Importance of Package Tours in the Travel Industry 

The demand for package tours is on the rise, offering travellers the opportunity to visit multiple destinations and have a variety of experiences in one single vacation. The appeal of package tours also lies in the organisational aspect, as it takes the hassle out of the entire travel planning and booking process. 

Including package tours in your offerings can lead to significantly higher margins and stronger customer loyalty in comparison to flight and hotel offers. But creating these types of itineraries and catering to customers’ specific requests can be a time-consuming task without the right tech support. 

For tour operators to succeed in this lucrative market, they must develop innovative approaches to attract customers while maximising efficiency and profitability. 

According to Gregor Rothin, Nezasa’s Sales Director, one of the many problems travel providers face is precisely finding a common space to manage their entire operation: “In our discussions with tour operators, we always find that there is a need to centralise processes and make better use of the valuable resource of staff.”

But the questions, according to Gregor, go way beyond these. There’s an individuality to each provider that technology has not been following. Tech providers have been increasing offers, but forgetting that for each company there are a set of specific needs and concerns. 

“The way success is achieved is different for each tour operator. In particular, the question of ‘content’ and how it is connected is central to all other questions and processes. How can I scale my offerings without losing individuality? What are the benefits of the Nezasa solution for our specific use case as an operator?
And here’s the answer: 

Advantages of Using Nezasa’s TripBuilder

Some of the benefits of Nezasa’s TripBuilder technology are: 

  • Efficient itinerary planning
    With TripBuilder, tour operators can create detailed and tailored itineraries that include the best attractions and activities in various destinations. The platform also allows you to optimise route planning to minimise travel time and provide customers with a seamless and stress-free travel experience.
  • Dynamic pricing
    TripBuilder allows tour operators to set flexible prices for their package tours. By analysing market data and customer preferences, companies can adjust their prices to increase demand while maximising their margins.
  • Real-time availability
    TripBuilder seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, providing tour operators with real-time information on availability, prices, and bookings for hotels, flights, activities, car rentals, and other services. This simplifies the booking process and avoids bottlenecks.
  • Personalised customer experiences with a human touch
    With TripBuilder, tour operators and travel agents can incorporate their own experiences and local knowledge of destinations into package tour planning. By highlighting personal anecdotes, insider tips, and unique experiences, travel brands can create a customised travel experience tailored to the individual needs and preferences of customers, making their trips more authentic and memorable. 
  • Enhanced travel planning through artificial intelligence
    Thanks to its AI-based feature, TripBuilder can analyse customer preferences and needs in order to automatically compile and suggest customised itineraries and make direct bookings. This saves time in travel planning and helps to meet the ever-growing expectations of customers. 

Impact on Margins in Travel and Customer Satisfaction 

Nezasa’s TripBuilder not only has positive effects on customer satisfaction, but also offers significant opportunities to increase margins. And here are the main features that achieve these results: 

  • Revenue increases through upselling and cross-selling
    TripBuilder allows tour operators to offer additional services and upgrades that enhance the customer experience. By strategically upselling and cross-selling services such as excursions, special amenities, or comfort upgrades, tour operators can increase their revenue per booking and in turn improve their margins.
  • Better pricing and dynamic adjustment
    With TripBuilder, tour operators have the ability to dynamically adjust their prices based on real-time demand and market conditions. Through data-driven pricing, travel brands can optimise their prices to increase demand while maximising margins.
  • Efficient management of business processes
    TripBuilder provides a centralised platform where travel brands can manage all relevant business processes, such as product and price management, quotes and bookings, and rescheduling. By automating these processes, tour operators can reduce costs and improve their margins.

The combination of these factors allows tour operators to increase profitability while providing a high-quality booking experience for their customers. By using TripBuilder, travel brands can optimise their margins and gain a competitive advantage in today’s highly dynamic market. 

The travel industry is becoming increasingly digitised, and it is important for operators to use innovative systems and solutions that allow them to focus on their demanding core business. At the same time, it is crucial for technology to provide the necessary functions to ensure both efficient processes, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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