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Navigating the Post-Booking Journey: Removing Travel Friction

Greetings travellers and travel enthusiasts! I’m Simon, Nezasa’s Product Manager, and today I’m thrilled to delve into the world of post-booking travel experiences. Buckle up as we explore the journey after the booking button is clicked.

Let’s address a fundamental concept highlighted by our CEO, Manuel Hilty, in his latest article for PhocusWire – the reduction of friction in travel. It’s not merely about facilitating transactions; it’s about enriching the customer experience. A well-cared-for traveller, protected from unforeseen challenges, becomes a brand advocate, propelling growth and helping travel brands expand. 

Now, let’s dissect the post-booking journey from the traveller’s perspective. Preparing travellers for their holiday is where customer service levels often decline. Compared to pre-booking, maintaining outstanding service will probably be harder. The post-booking phase can be packed with challenges, as many teams and companies are involved in the process. However, this phase is crucial for retaining business. 

First, it’s vital to avoid leaving travellers in a “post-booking black hole” where they receive only bad news, leading to frustration and stress. Communication between the moment of booking and departure day doesn’t have to carry bad news only, but can be an opportunity for travel providers to offer personalised complementary services or simply assure travellers that everything is going according to plan. 

Many travel companies aim to enhance this phase with automated interactions, such as reminders, documentation and personalised automated content, leaving travellers excited about their trip. But the industry has not come up with an effective way to predict and replace friction faster. This is what we are trying to solve, while helping our customers untap new sources of revenue. 

Post Pandemic

We know the reality of the post-booking journey is far from the simplistic linear view, and many players are at stake for every package booked. But we also know that this stage has never been so crucial for businesses as it is at the moment. 

Let’s talk numbers. Loyal customers spend about 70 percent more than new customers. Over 70 percent of consumers expect personalised interactions, and dissatisfaction often arises when expectations aren’t met. So, customer satisfaction has a profound impact on referrals and recommendations.

Booking changes and cancellations can bleed revenue if mishandled. That’s where technology comes to the rescue. Tools for booking optimisation and automation ensure that every penny spent post-booking is justified, mitigating revenue erosion and maximising operational efficiency.

Looking ahead, the possibilities are endless. An API-first approach ensures seamless integration, while enhanced tooling and AI pave the way for a more streamlined post-booking experience. 

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In envisioning the future of travel management, we picture a world where travellers are empowered to rapidly amend their bookings while on holiday without being solely reliant on the agent or tour operator. Imagine a scenario where a traveller, midway through their vacation, decides to upgrade their hotel for the last leg of their journey. Instead of navigating through different time zones to contact their agent and waiting anxiously for a response, they can effortlessly make the change within minutes through a user-friendly travel app. 

This level of autonomy not only enhances the traveller’s experience but also reduces dependency on intermediaries, leading to greater flexibility and convenience. By embracing technology and empowering travellers with self-service tools, we aim to revolutionise the post-booking journey, ensuring that every step is seamless and stress-free.

By addressing the complexities of the post-booking journey, Nezasa aims to enhance the customer experience, improve net promoter scores, and foster repeat business. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, we are committed to simplifying travel management and driving success for our customers year after year.