Group Tours Management: Ultimate Software

For tour operators, the group tour market is highly lucrative; a larger number of guests offers opportunities for higher revenue and commissions. For tour operators, that’s when group tours software comes in.

And for travellers themselves, joining a group tour is an excellent way to travel with less need for planning, and offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people as well as the added security of having a knowledgeable guide. 

However, in comparison to regular travel bookings, group tours can be harder to manage. Find the best group tours software.

Group Travel Management

When organising multi-day tours with a large number of participants, some of the challenges involved are:

  • Finding the best rates
  • Making complex calculations
  • Catering to different requirements and specifications 
  • Coordinating with multiple suppliers
  • Dealing with changes or delays
  • Organising and storing guest details
  • Creating tailored itineraries

This can make group travel management seem like a daunting task. However, there are ways to simplify the process.  

How can tour operators manage group bookings? 

Efficient management and organisation is essential to the success of your group tours. 

In the past, managing complex group bookings was a complicated task. Today however, technology can streamline the entire group tour booking and management process, saving both time and money. 

Packages for Group Tours

Due to the larger number of participants and all of the specifications that come with this, group tour packages are usually not as flexible as regular tour packages. 

While it is important to provide consistent itineraries, offering a level of customisation and flexibility is also crucial. Being able to adapt to different needs and requirements is key to giving your customers the best possible experience. 

With group tour software, you can offer group tour packages with a level of flexibility. Software like Nezasa’s TripBuilder allows tour operators to choose from a variety of pre-existing itineraries, with the option to adapt and change them depending on your own inventory and your customers’ specific needs. 

Group Travel Booking

Booking group travel is also complex. With a number of products and suppliers as well as complications involved with booking various flights, different room categories, etc., this is often a lengthy manual process.
Finding the right software is essential to simplifying the group travel booking process. Technology can assist you by offering a higher level of automation, saving you time and reducing human error. 

Product features related to Group Tour Software

Software for group tours can assist with a number of processes. Some of the product features related to group tour software are:

  • Automatic Recurring Payments
  • B2B White Label Solution
  • Brand Control
  • 24/7 Bookings
  • Tailored Experiences and Itinerary creation
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Traveler Self-Management
  • Inventory and Supplier Management
  • Multi-day tours 

Software for Group Tours

Nezasa’s TripBuilder software is the best tool for tour operators to manage group bookings. We offer an innovative solution for group tour operators looking to increase efficiency and revenue but also offer their customers unique travel experiences. 

TripBuilder allows you to build tours with our pre-designed packages, while also offering options to create customised itineraries based on your own inventory and the level of personalisation you are looking to provide. 

Furthermore, our customer care section gives an overview of all customer details and itineraries, taking the hassle out of manually organising and storing this information. 

Some of the benefits of TripBuilder for group tour management are:

  • Automation & Flexibility
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Control profit & costs
  • Set pricing based on demand
  • Scalability
  • Data & payment security
  • Easy integration with current systems

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