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Unraveling Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday has been a travel trend for some years now, especially on social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. But, it’s not until recent times that it has become even more popular due to Cyber Week, with Travel Tuesday happening right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of November.

With the travel industry picking up after almost two years of business struggles, how will this specific day affect the travel industry in general and the flight industry in particular?

Let’s find out. 👍

Hashtag #TravelTuesday

As most social media users know, using a hashtag # in front of a word or combination of words allows them to filter and search by those specific sets of words. Therefore, when someone is looking to travel, for example, to Iceland, they would have more chances of finding specific information on that particular destination by using the hashtag #Iceland or #VisitIceland.

The same applies to the hashtag #TravelTuesday, which helps users find travel suggestions that usually happen on this day. However, many social media consumers make use of this particular hashtag on any given Tuesday of the year, promoting anything from a destination to a travel picture or a travel product (i.e., flights).

hashtag Travel Tuesday

But, what do industry experts say about this particular trend?

Is it really worth waiting for this particular day in order to book a flight, or is it just another way to encourage travellers to book a trip that they otherwise wouldn’t necessarily buy?

What do Industry experts say about Travel Tuesday?

Travel Agency Lufthansa TravelGate affirmed to Nezasa that “it could be that there is less demand on a Tuesday, in which case this is definitely noticeable in the pricing, but we cannot confirm that this is really controlled in this way”.

On the other hand, CheapOair believes that the highest tickets sales happen on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving therefore giving more opportunities to get cheaper flights on that day in comparison to Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

However, specialised websites such as Skyscanner, Expedia and Google flights also offer interesting flight deals on any given day as long as travellers are willing to be flexible with their travelling dates and flying times.

Furthermore, the ongoing rise of the workation – where travellers are looking to escape the confines of their homes while working remotely – provides users with a higher flexibility in terms of booking flights at any given date.

travel tuesday flights

So, what should travel experts and consumers keep in mind before booking a flight “deal”?

It is important to know whether it includes:

  • the benefit of having extra services/amenities such as in-flight entertainment, free meals or seat reservation options. ✔️
  • the inconvenience of confronting unexpected fees such as printed boarding passes, limited baggage allowance or cancellation/modification costs.

Tips on finding Flight Deals

According to Travel + Leisure, there are other ways to save on flight costs rather than waiting to book on a specific day, such as Travel Tuesday, and these are:

  • 💰 Setting the price, rather than the destination: if your customers don’t have a destination preference but have a limited spending budget, you can offer them a better deal by just focusing on finding the best flight prices.
  • 🛫 Comparing prices between two one-way tickets vs. a round trip ticket, particularly for domestic flights, as for international it is usually better to book a round trip ticket.
  • Encouraging your customers NOT to wait until the last minute: especially if they DO have a certain destination and date availability in mind. Ideally, book between 2-3 months ahead of the departure date.
  • 🕛 Letting your customers benefit from the 24h cancellation rule: some airlines allow cancellations within 24 hours without any penalties. If this is the case, it might be a good way to secure a good deal.

Additionally, the following are also relevant things to consider before booking a flight at any given time of the year:

  • Traditional airline Vs. Low-cost carrier: the first could come with all services included, while the latter compete with aggressive prices while offering the minimum services.
  • Large Hub Airports Vs. Small Airports: using smaller airports typically means cheaper airfares but could also come with potential extra fees for checked baggage and snacks.
  • High Season Vs. Off-Season: it is no surprise that travelling off-season (during unusual months of the year) or to less popular destionations, can lower the final ticket price substantially.

Booking Flights with TripBuilder

Did you know that Nezasa’s planning and booking platform allows you and your customers to book flights and make instant changes, with real-time prices and updated availability options?

The example below shows a selection of available round-trip flights where your customers can easily filter by:

  • Price ✔️
  • Duration ✔️
  • Layover ✔️
  • Carrier ✔️
  • Number of Stops ✔️
  • Departure and arrival times ✔️

Flight Search with tripbuilder

But that is not all. 🙌

Offer your customers a multi-day tour travel package, which can also contain accommodation, in-destination activities and/or rental cars, and provide your customers with the best travel offer on the market.

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Happy Planning!