"We noticed improved conversion rates"

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Journey with Nezasa

Original Landreisen, a niche travel company nestled in the serene landscapes of the Black Forest, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its booking and operational processes.

Founded in 2008 by Jörg Maier, Original Landreisen focused on curating immersive cycling and hiking experiences for adventure enthusiasts. With aspirations to elevate their services and streamline operations, Jörg Maier and his team sought a robust solution to move their business forward.

Jörg Maier photo
Jörg Maier photo

Easy to use and efficient

Jörg Maier reflects on their encounter with Nezasa, recalling, “We decided to look for specialists in each case, and we heard about Nezasa.” The recommendation came through industry connections, prompting Jörg to explore further. He notes, “In the travel business, you have to have a lot of experience to work with many systems. So, we decided to change to a system like an iPhone – easy to use and efficient.” The decision to transition to TripBuilder was driven by the promise of simplicity and functionality but also, according to Maier, by the API-first approach at Nezasa.

“We were looking for an all-in-one solution but, unfortunately, that is not realistic in the travel industry. So Nezasa’s commitment to connectivity was essential for us to make sure we could connect our existing workflow to one single platform”.

The transition to Nezasa marked a pivotal moment for Original Landreisen. Jörg reflects on the onboarding process, stating, “Compared to the high costs we had with our previous provider, the onboarding with Nezasa was much more cost-effective.” Despite the initial learning curve, the team recognised the potential for efficiency gains and customer engagement. Jörg elaborates, “We appreciated the direct booking capabilities offered by Nezasa, enabling us to empower customers to customise their trips.”

Central to Original Landreisen’s ethos is a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

We now see a user-friendly interface, in two days you can start working with TripBuilder

Jörg Maier

Original Landreisen

Jörg observes, “We noticed improved conversion rates by offering less flexible tour options, aligning with the preferences of our predominantly older demographic.”

This customer-centric approach underscores their dedication to meeting evolving needs while maintaining operational efficiency. And for that to happen, it was crucial to bring the possibility to their customers to book and customise trips online.


Looking ahead, Original Landreisen envisions even more enhancements to their current setup to better align with their unique requirements. Jörg remarks, “We now see a user-friendly interface, in two days you can start working with TripBuilder, even if you are not a part of the industry. That simplifies processes for both staff and customers, driving efficiency and enhancing experiences. This needs to be constantly improved in order to continuously meet expectations”.
Original Landreisen’s journey with Nezasa exemplifies the transformative power of technology in shaping the travel industry.

Through collaboration, adaptation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they have navigated challenges and embraced opportunities for growth. Jörg affirms, “We are happy with our decision to collaborate with Nezasa and believe that with continued development, the platform holds promise for our future endeavours.”

As they embark on the next chapter of their journey, Original Landreisen remains commited in their pursuit of growth, guided by a vision of delivering unforgettable travel experiences.

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