Dynamic Packaging that combines flights, hotels and activities with real-time cached pricing.

Innovative Simple Packages

Nezasa Tripbuilder dollar icon

Sales Boost

  • Increase revenue and margins through access to dynamic cache pricing
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Higher Conversions

  • Increased basket size for single stop trip with ability to add extra products
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Travel Experience

  • Customer satisfaction by offering perfect and personalised travel experiences
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  • Flexibility in trip building and powerful on handling post-booking changes
Illustration with Tripbuilder icons
Illustration with Tripbuilder icons

The industry is changing!

This is our Dynamic Packaging solution to help you keep up.

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Dynamic Packaging

Turnkey solution for your business

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Centralised Management

  • Manage all bookings in one central place
  • Real-time cached pricing form one platform
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Supplier Network

  • Access to leading data providers
  • Access to competitive rates with the benefits of opaque pricing
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Optimised for Conversion

  • A fast booking process designed to maximise conversions
  • Flexibility in trip building and post-booking changes
illustration with tripbuilder icons
illustration with tripbuilder icons

The benefits you get

  • Manage and sell your products
  • Increase your margins
  • Flights, hotel and more packages
  • Adapt quickly to seasonality