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Why Travel Agencies should incorporate an online platform now!

At Nezasa, we understand that these are difficult times for small-to-medium sized travel agencies and also for those just getting started in the business. The safety measures around Covid-19, combined with the lack of customizable booking platforms available in the market has decreased the motivation to approach a traditional travel agency in person. However, having an online travel agency software, where travel agents and travellers can plan their entire trip according to their budget and needs, can save your business from losing clients and sales.

For this reason, adapting to the ongoing digitalisation of the travel industry is more important than ever, and having the right tools and the right support under one automated, personalised and flexible online booking platform can improve your travel operations in both a qualitative and quantitative manner.

What does automation mean for your travel business?

Having an online automated system will not only improve the way travel agencies work, how they communicate with customers and how they book travel, but it will also allow them to:

  • Increase online brand visibility, with an attractive and seamless digital solution.
  • Maintain current customers as well as attract new ones, by inviting them to plan their holidays in a fast and efficient way.
  • Save time, by rapidly adjusting the travel details (dates, accommodation, etc.) according to the customer requirements and demands.
  • Increase sales, by offering personalised products with real-time supply and prices.
  • Ensure fast booking processes for flights, hotels and rental cars, offering safe payment options along with a detailed travel documentation.
  • Gain customer satisfaction by facilitating their vacation plans throughout the entire planning and booking process.

tripBuilder travel agencies software

In a nutshell, automation lets you:

  1. Avoid repetitive daily tasks from each operation,
  2. Reduce the chances of human error,
  3. Enable travel agents to focus on other business activities.

What is needed to start the automation process?

  • Research: What is the best online system that fits your organisation?
  • Data: Do you have all the data in place to build and sell online itineraries?
  • Suppliers: Which suppliers are you working with? Do they have an API to support online bookings?

Why is Nezasa’s TripBuilder the best travel software for your business?

Incorporating our highly comprehensive and automated solution for building and selling connected itineraries into your existing travel system will help increase your business revenue in a fast, efficient and affordable way, plus you can try it out for Free with our 1-month free trial.

Learn more about TripBuilder for Travel Agencies here and check out our product plans for more information.

Furthermore, if you would like to receive an introduction on how Nezasa can help you change your day-to-day operation, check out our webinars here.

Or, if you wish to get in touch with us to get a detailed introduction of our system possibilities, send and email to

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