Nezasa and GIATA renewed their partnership

Nezasa and GIATA renewed their partnership on hotel mapping and content solutions to enhance planning and booking experience.

Nezasa, a leading travel technology company, and GIATA, a global leader in high-quality travel content and data solutions, are pleased to announce the renewal of their strategic partnership. Initially formed in 2016, this alliance has been instrumental in providing travellers with accurate, comprehensive, and multilingual information.

The continued collaboration will focus on GIATA’s bespoke solutions, including MultiCodes, Room Type Mapping, and Multilingual Hotel Guide, which will empower Nezasa to deliver increasingly immersive travel experiences to customers worldwide.

As consumer expectations continue to evolve, both companies recognise the critical need for real-time, reliable, and multilingual content. Utilising GIATA’s specialised solutions, Nezasa eliminates hotel and room duplication and automates content updates in 25 languages, further enhancing the planning and booking journey for travellers.

“Our collaboration with GIATA since 2016 has been pivotal in enriching our customers’ experiences. The renewal of our partnership signifies a continued commitment to innovation and excellence in providing travellers with seamless, hyper-personalised itineraries.” – Manuel Hilty, CEO of Nezasa

“GIATA’s Multicodes, Room Type Mapping, and Multilingual Hotel Guide, integrated into Nezasa’s software solution, empower travel brands to deliver seamless end-to-end itineraries to travellers in a digital, interactive, and hyper-personalised manner, enriching the entire travel experience. This partnership makes real-time planning and booking effortless, ensuring travellers have all they need for an exceptional journey.” – Rainer Schäfer,  VP of Sales of GIATA