Nezasa at fvw Kongress: Technology Takes Center Stage

We’re excited to share that Nezasa’s CEO, Manuel Hilty, will be a featured panellist at this year’s fvw Kongress. The event, which holds immense significance in the German-speaking travel industry, promises to be a platform for groundbreaking discussions and insights. Manuel Hilty’s participation will undoubtedly add value to the event’s mission of shaping the future of travel technology.

The focal point of Manuel’s participation at fvw Kongress will be the panel discussion titled “Individual adventure trips at the push of a button – how Travel Tech and tour operators are taking the classic round trip to a new level.” With Nezasa’s innovative platform as a foundation, Manuel will provide a deep dive into the transformative power of technology in the travel sector.

Nezasa’s journey has been all about redefining how multi-day tours are created and sold. Manuel will be sharing invaluable insights and expertise gathered from this remarkable journey. 

The discussion will revolve around how technology has made it possible to transform the traditional round trip into a tailor-made adventure, the specific case of the German market, the degrees of automation needed and the future of travel with AI. 

What makes this event particularly exciting is its role as a nexus for travel industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers. As a company that has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in travel planning and customisation, Nezasa is well-poised to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversations. 

In a rapidly evolving travel landscape, where personalisation and convenience are paramount, Nezasa’s approach stands as a testament to the potential of technology in enhancing the travel experience. We understand how the right tech partner can be crucial to enhance travel providers’ margins and explore untapped revenue sources. The insights from the event are sure to inspire and inform the exciting future that lies ahead for travellers and the travel industry alike.

As we eagerly await fvw Kongress, we anticipate a dynamic exchange of ideas and the continued advancement of travel tech. 

Stay tuned for a transformative discussion that could redefine the way you plan and book.