The Nezasa Story – Payyo

The Nezasa Story
We talked with Payyo about our partnership and how this collaboration helped us automate TripBuilder and ensure payments are distributed without disruption.

Statement from Patrick Hammer about Payyo:

“The main challenge before Payyo was always making sure payments were successful to every entity and that fees were charged transparently and in an automated manner.”

What is Nezasa?

Nezasa is a B2B software company that empowers the travel industry and its leading players to provide multi-day tour personalisation at scale.

Our award-winning platform, TripBuilder, allows travel brands to create and sell personalised trips with unprecedented automation. Our solution enables tour operators, agents and end consumers to plan highly customised itineraries seamlessly.

Our questions to the CPO of Nezasa.

We met Patrick Hammer and he answered a few questions about the background of Nezasa and their decision to integrate with Payyo.

Hello Patrick, nice to meet you today. Thank you for your time. Can you tell us a little bit of the background of Nezasa and how you describe the business model?

Hello, nice to meet you! Thanks for the opportunity to share a bit of our story with you.

Nezasa’s primary focus has always been to make travel planning and booking easy. Having that in mind, we developed a platform called TripBuilder.

TripBuilder empowers travel brands to sell end-to-end itineraries to travellers in a digital, interactive and hyper-personalised way. Our software allows a completely personalised experience for travellers and travel brands, combining multiple sources and suppliers.

TripBuilder is the core of our business, and we’ve made it our mission to continuously develop it according to our industry and customers’ needs.

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