The Secret to the Perfect Travel Package

Are you currently selling any sort of holiday or trip? We have developed a technology that is able to deliver 9 distinct benefits for your business when it comes to selling multi-component trips – online as well as offline.

By Steve Oare


We’re not in the business of selling snake oil or creating silver bullets, but we are in the business of delivering the solution to a common Tour Operators’ problem –

“How do I sell more holidays?”

The obvious answer would be to just cut your margins, however, your business probably wouldn’t be around for too much longer.

That is where Nezasa steps in.  

#1 Personalisation

In a world where consumers are attempting to take greater control of their lives via the use of technology, it is no coincidence that we have been starting to see this desire within the travel industry, too. Whilst the basic structure of the family summer holiday has largely remained the same (i.e. flight, hotel and transfer), personalisation is key. Consider the options you now have: you may choose which flight to take on which day, where you would like to sit on the plane, how you would like to get from the airport to the hotel or which room you would like to stay in (that is if you have chosen to stay in a hotel). Consumers are becoming more accustomed to designing their own holidays.

Core to Nezasa’s philosophy is delivering a product to the market that gives the user complete autonomy when planning their holiday, with the ability to add a multitude of travel components within a single transaction.

#2 Improved user experience

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way you could plan a holiday mixing city with beach – all on your terms?  And while doing so, being presented with some of the highest rated activities in the areas to choose from and knowing that it could be booked in a single transaction?

Nezasa bundles all these things on one platform: no more multiple searches on multiple sites for multiple products leading to multiple transactions!

With product autonomy comes greater interaction with the site and with greater interaction comes…

#3 Increased conversion

Users become more invested in the whole holiday design process and as they travel further down that travel funnel, the less likely they are to drop out.  

If they do, they already know the alternative: multiple searches on multiple sites for multiple products in multiple transactions.

#4 Increased attached rates

By offering more products and customisation, we automatically create a greater number of touch points throughout the travel funnel. This has allowed our customers to increase the attach rate of their core and ancillary products.

Many of these ancillary sales would have gone to other specialists’. So by offering them at the same time as the other holiday components, you are far more likely to upsell.

#5 Offline cost savings

We have built our platform to be accessible by both consumers and Travel Agents alike.   

If there is a change made in any of the travel components, our technology automatically goes in and amends all of the interdependent components, ensuring that (a) they are still available, and of course, (b) they are bookable.

Gone are the days of having to go back to change the dates for each of the proceeding elements!

#6 Product expansion

There are a multitude of applications for our technology that allow to increase the number of products you can offer in several customer segments. Just consider any trip that has 2+ travel components.

#7 Scalable

Once we have integrated the content, expansion into new markets or new products is simple.

We are already doing it for our customers.

#8 Customer retention

This is huge.

Since you are offering a user-friendly, all-round better product that differentiates yourself from your competitors, customers are far more likely to keep coming back.

This results into…

#9 Reduced (customer) acquisition costs

Customers come back – you don’t need to reacquire them!

These same customers then become champions for your company, recommending you to their friends and family – and this will enable you to focus more of your efforts on acquiring customers in other segments.


All of this can be achieved by integrating Nezasa into your existing digital landscape. Or alternatively, use this as a tool for your Tour Operators and Agents to plan the perfect trips for your customers without the need for multiple calls and multiple emails.

If you would like to know more about our technology and how its application can benefit you and your business, please use the contact form or write us an email: