On the road to WTM São Paulo to connect with the LATAM travel industry

The last few months have been a fantastic opportunity for Nezasa to connect and get to know dozens of travel brands within the LATAM travel market. 

We’ve been exploring, together with partners and customers, the existing landscape of the industry and the many groundbreaking projects booming in that region. And we’ve retrieved some valuable information helping us build the right solutions for travel brands there. 

At this year’s WTM Latin America in São Paulo, we wish to explore exactly how we propose to achieve the right technological tools to help travel providers tackle the challenges they are facing. 

“We’re happy to finally be in Brazil after many conversations with potential partners. We see this event as a great opportunity to get more and more insights into the market. 

This is also the first time our Sales Representative, Moisés, will be part of WTM Latin America. We’re lucky to have someone with us to steer conversations in the local language.” – Elias Musalem, Nezasa’s CSO

It’s noticeable that even though travellers in the region are very much digitalised, that is not necessarily the case with a considerable sum of the industry. Travel brands need the right tech solutions to recover from the post-pandemic effects and the increased consumer expectations after the fact. 

The demand for solutions that provide more significant grades of personalisation, with the right flexibility to adapt to each company’s specific needs, is very much alive. And we believe we have developed the right products to suppress this. 

“We are aware of the possibilities Brazil’s Inbound travel market is providing. There’s a clear chance here to really make a difference with local DMCs and tour operators and equip them with simple solutions for complex problems. Especially on helping them with tools to manage and automate their inventory while creating and selling their itineraries”. 

Nezasa creates ways to empower travel brands with simple and efficient planning and booking processes. That means tools to sell multi-day itineraries faster, minimising the risk of losing customers in the process.

Curious to know more? Chat with Nezasa’s CSO, Elias Musalem, and Sales Representative, Moisés Crispim. They’ll be at the event eager to explore more and get your valuable insights on what’s truly missing in the market.