Managing Trips, Not Bookings

Being shortlisted as one of the five most innovative travel-tech companies at this year’s E-NNOVATION AWARDS, the core values and most groundbreaking features of Nezasa had to be presented within a pitch of no more than five minutes. Very quickly then, it became obvious why Nezasa is changing the future of travelling.

By Benno Iten


Recently, we were invited to participate at the E-NNOVATION AWARDS 2018. This innovation call, organised by SkipsoLabs and Swiss Post, takes place in partnership with Netcomm Suisse e-Commerce Association and Loomish, and aims to select the most innovative tech start-ups in three sub-categories: travel, food and property tech. Seeing that we are already a considerably established start-up, we were reluctant to participate at first, but eventually thought it to be a good opportunity to get the valuable feedback of other travel (tech) experts.

Having been one of the five travel-tech finalists, we were asked to present our company within a five-minutes pitch. I’ve always liked the challenge of putting your business idea and value proposition in a few sentences, and I didn’t have to think long to get to the essence of what we do: Managing trips, not bookings. What does this mean? Is it just marketing bla bla? No, we solve a real problem for many people.

Whenever you take a trip, you use the services of multiple providers. You need transportation to go to your destination, you need to manage the distance from the airport to the place you will stay, and you need an actual place to stay. There, you might want to visit a place or two, to take a tour through the city and eventually, you will need a place to eat. In today’s travel ecosystem, you have to check many websites, in order to find the right service at the right price. When you then want to book the services, you are required to enter your credit card and personal details multiple times, and you get a bunch of confirmation emails send to your inbox. All this is time-consuming and cumbersome.

Since the beginning of our company, we believe it shouldn’t be that hard for you to book your trips. And today, our platform manages all those bookings of different products from different suppliers in an orchestrated way. Our intuitive trip planner interface allows the traveller to conveniently put his or her dream trip together, accessing thousands of suppliers from one platform. Once the trip is perfectly personalised to the traveller’s needs, the entire itinerary can be booked with one simple click, after which only one confirmation with all necessary details will be send to the customer. In case you have to modify your trip, all the affected services can be managed, changed and charged accordingly.

Why I am telling this? After discussing the demands of today’s travel industry with the experts at the E-NNOVATION AWARDS, we got the confirmation that we are leading the industry in the direction that it has to take, in order to serve the traveller better. Glen Fogal, CEO of Booking Holding, lately told in an interview at Phocuswright: “Travel is so frustrating at times and it should not be. The system should be able to tie things together. It’s fairly obvious that the way we are doing things now is not the way it should be done.”  We at Nezasa fully agree! And we have the technology to actually do it better. Our customers using the platform prove it every day.