This Is How the Sale of Individual Adventure Tours Goes

Thanks to smart technology, package tours are becoming more individualised than ever and thus offer better earning opportunities for travel agencies. But how can customers be convinced? According to tech provider Nezasa, these are the main triggers that ignite with travellers.

Consulting for individual experience and multi-destination trips is more elaborate than for classic package tours. With smart technology, however, not only specialists but every travel agency can offer individual package tours.

But what arguments can be used to convince customers at the counter of more individuality when travelling and higher prices than for the standard trip? This is what fvw |TravelTalk wanted to know from Nezasa. The IT specialist’s tools for dynamic production of personalised trips are used by tour operators such as FTI, TUI, Berge & Meer and Gebeco.

According to Nezasa, these are the arguments that most often convince travellers to book a customised trip at the counter:

Tailor-made itinerary: the possibility to design a trip according to personal interests and preferences is a great incentive. Customers often want the flexibility to plan their own itinerary and visit specific places that interest them most.

Unique experiences and activities: Customers are often looking for unique and authentic experiences. These can be activities such as local cooking classes, private tours, cultural interactions or outdoor adventures.

Seclusion and privacy: Individual tours offer a higher level of privacy. Clients who value peace and seclusion tend to opt for such trips.

Cultural insights: Travellers who want to gain deep insights into the culture and daily life at the destination are attracted to individual round trips. These trips allow for more intensive exposure to the local conditions.

Special occasions: Customised round trips are often booked for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Clients want to celebrate these moments with unforgettable travel experiences.

Flexibility and freedom: The ability to determine one’s own schedule and itinerary is a decisive factor for many travellers. Individual round trips offer this flexibility.

Nature and adventure: Travellers who love nature and enjoy outdoor activities are often attracted to individual round trips that offer hiking, trekking tours, safari adventures and the like.

Family or group tours: Sometimes, families or small groups choose to book an individual round trip to ensure that the travel activities and accommodation meet the needs of all members.

Exclusivity and luxury: Clients looking for a luxurious and exclusive travel experience often opt for customised round trips that are tailored to their high standards.

An overview of the most important IT houses offering smart technology for travel agencies and tour operators to sell individual package tours is provided by the fvw |TravelTalk cover story “Jetzt geht’s rund”. Nezasa co-founder and CEO Manuel Hilty also explains in the video interview what Nezasa technology can already do.

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