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Multi-Stop Flights: everything you need to know

The tourism industry is currently experiencing a boom in sales as consumers are enjoying the benefits of travel once again.

Multi-stop trips are an excellent way to explore a number of different destinations.
And, by booking multi-stop flights, travellers can save both time and money.
However, when planning a trip, researching and booking flights can be a time-consuming task.

But, there is a simpler way to do it.

How can you help your customers to book their multi-stop itineraries?

Read on to find out.

What are multi-stop flights?

multi-stop trip can be defined as “a single trip that includes a visit to more than one destination”.

For those looking to visit a number of different places during one trip, multi-stop flights are the way to go.

Multi-city flights essentially allow travellers to make one booking that combines multiple stops, removing the need to book many round trips or one-way tickets that often come with lengthy layovers and can be more expensive.
Multi-stop flights allow travellers to fly in and out of the locations that best suit their travel plans, avoiding the need to return to the original destination and therefore maximising the time spent in each location.

For example, a traveller can book a flight to Amsterdam, make a stop in Paris and fly home from Berlin, all on one ticket.

Multi-stop travel

Multi-stop travel isn’t new. For example, this model of travel is the basis of the cruise industry, and there are also a number of tours that offer various stops.

Multi-stop flights, on the other hand, offer travellers more flexibility when planning their trips. Whether you have specific dates or locations in mind or are open to exploring the best deals, multi-city flights may be the most cost-effective and efficient option.

According to GlobalData’s Q3 2021 consumer survey, 20% of global respondents say they typically take multi-stop trips.

However, during the pandemic, with different restrictions and entry requirements in different countries, these types of trips were on hold.

Multi-city flights are back, and the current demand for international travel and bucket list trips is set to make these types of itineraries even more popular in the coming years.

What are the benefits of booking a multi-city flight?

Booking a multi-city flight has many benefits for both tour operators and their customers:

  • Saves time

Researching separate flights can be time-consuming. Searching for and booking an entire itinerary at once saves time.

  • Saves money

Multi-city flights can be cheaper than booking numerous single flights, especially when travelling to international destinations.

  • Whole itinerary in one booking

Less hassle for both travel agents and the end consumer.

  • Visit multiple destinations

Allows travellers to maximise their time in each destination and explore as many locations as they like.

  • Flexibility on dates, times and location

Choose from the best/most suitable options based on a customer’s specific priorities.

  • Can be more environmentally friendly

Removes the need to fly back and forth from home or to the original stop, and offers the opportunity to mix and match flights with other transport options. For example, travellers can fly to a destination, travel by bus or train to another destination and take a flight from there.

Multi-stop flight planners

While multi-stop flights can offer many benefits, they can be complex to plan. For both customers and travel agents, manually researching the best flight deals can be time-consuming.
That’s where multi-stop flight planners come in.

For travel agents and tour operators, multi-stop flight planners are a way to simplify the entire process of booking your clients’ trips, replacing lengthy manual processes with automated itineraries.

With a multi-stop flight planner like TripOptimizer, travel agents can plan their customers’ itineraries with ease.

Where to search multi-stop flights?

TripOptimizer is an innovative online platform that allows travel management companies to generate multi-stop flight itineraries for their customers.

With this efficient and easy-to-use software, you can search for, plan and generate multi-stop itineraries, all with only a few steps and in a matter of seconds.

How you can save by planning with TripOptimizer

TripOptimizer empowers travel agents, tour operators and airlines, enabling connected trips through the use of innovative technology.

Based on Artificial Intelligence and algorithms, TripOptimizer simplifies complex routes, verifying all options based on real-time availability and optimising them according to your customers’ specific priorities: time, costs, number of stops and CO2 emissions.

This fast and automated process allows travel agents to respond to customer enquiries rapidly and with ease, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and cheaper, more efficient and sustainable itineraries for travellers.
For more information on our innovative TripOptimizer solution, be sure to check out our website.

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