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The new era of Multi-Stop Flights with TripOptimizer

When planning and searching for your customers’ flights, flight search software is an invaluable tool that can save both time and money.

TripOptimizer is the most efficient flight software tool on the market.
Want to know more about how TripOptimizer can help your travel agency plan complex flight itineraries?

We talked with company founder Elias Musalem to share the story behind TripOptimizer and why he felt there was a gap in the market he needed to solve.

What is TripOptimizer ?

Developed in 2020, TripOptimizer was created as a solution to the problems facing both travellers and travel agents when planning complex trips. 

Searching for flights can be a time-consuming task, often requiring multiple searches and comparisons to find the best deals and routes. TripOptimizer uses innovative technology in order to make flight searches as efficient as possible.

According to founder Elias Musalem, “the need that I had as a traveller was how to create these complex trips in an efficient way. We created this technology because we found this problem as travellers.”

What you can do with TripOptimizer

Based on Artificial Intelligence and optimisation algorithms, TripOptimizer simplifies complex routes in a matter of seconds, verifying all flight options based on real-time availability and optimising them according to your customers’ specific priorities: time, costs, number of stops and CO2 emissions.

This technology allows you to always find the optimal route. Therefore, through the use of TripOptimizer, travel agents can be sure that they are offering their clients the most efficient, cost-effective and fastest route in comparison to manual searches. 

Multi-Stop Flights with TripOptimizer  

TripOptimizer is the perfect tool for planning multi-stop flights.

Multi-city flights essentially allow travellers to make one booking that combines multiple stops, removing the need to book many round trips or one-way tickets that often come with lengthy layovers and can be more expensive.

Multi-stop flights allow travellers to fly in and out of the locations that best suit their travel plans, avoiding the need to return to the original destination and therefore maximising the time spent in each location.

Elias explains, “for example, you are in Santiago and want to visit Thailand, Bali, Myanmar and Cambodia – there you have a problem. In what city do I start? In what order do I visit the cities? What is the last destination that I am going to visit? What is the best route to arrive in Southeast Asia?”

“An example like this – a route with one origin and four destinations – has more than 1000 different combinations of routes. This type of planning is impossible to do in a manual and efficient way. Normally a travel agent in this type of trip could take hours, now, with our technology, they can do it in seconds.”

How travel agents can benefit from planning multi-stop flights with TripOptimizer 

Firstly, Elias explains that the purpose of this technology is not to replace travel agents. Rather, it is a tool to assist travel agents in their daily tasks and to make their work more efficient. 

Planning multi-stop flights with TripOptimizer offers many benefits to both travel agents and their customers, such as:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Simplify and automate booking processes
  • Offer real-time rates and availability
  • Offer flexibility on times, dates and routes
  • Increase conversions

The current high flight prices have made finding cost and time-efficient routes more important than ever. And according to Elias, “every time you try to find these options, you lose a lot of time and are never sure that you are finding the optimal solution.”

With TripOptimizer, these complex searches can be done in a fast and automated way. The combination of answering clients’ requests faster and always finding the optimal price can allow you to increase conversion rates, sell more and increase commissions. 

TripOptimizer is the best flight search tool on the market, empowering travel agents, tour operators and airlines and enabling connected trips.

The future of TripOptimizer


Looking to the future, Elias explains that the tool could be used to integrate various transport methods and accommodations to optimise the entire travel experience and make recommendations. 

For example, in some routes, such as between the Greek islands or between the islands of Majorca and Menorca, forms of transport such as ferries are a more efficient, faster, sustainable and cheaper way to travel.

Going forward, this type of technology is set to revolutionise the travel planning and booking process. 

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